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> > Michael Kelly wrote:
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> > > Out of curiosity, did they give you a type library
> > > with the control?
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> > This is important.  As I understand it, without a type library,
> > has no way of knowing which params are [out] params.  Since Python
> > have reference semantics like those of C++ or Visual Basic, it cannot
> > [out] params in the "normal" way.  So if you're using an interface that
> > makes use of [out] params, you *need* the type library in order to be
> > to use it from Python.  If you're not sure whether you've got one, try
> > Makepy, as suggested...
> Type libraries have a .tlb extension normally, correct?  The ZIP contains
> ReportOcx.lic, .lib, and .ocx; I'm a novice at Windows and had to be
> on the head before I put the .lic and .ocx together in the SYSTEM folder.
> I did register the OCX using REGSVR32 as noted on several websites, and I
> ran makepy from the Pythonwin menu as I have in several other instances.
> Have I missed anything?

Type libraries are often compiled right into the control they're for. Try
running makepy on the OCX file.

> The source files are not available (it's a form of shareware, where you
> for source access) so I can't build a type library even if I knew how.
> I should just go back to Linux where everything makes sense...

Linux doesn't make any more sense than Windows, it's just a different kind
of sense. :-)


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