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Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Feb 13 01:16:14 CET 2002

George Partlow wrote:
> "Afonso Fernandez Nogueira" <afonso at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1013534182.27264.python-list at>...
> > Esperantists always use the -ist- suffix ("Esperantistoj") to refer to
> > themselves though. I've seen several webpages about Python written in
> > Esperanto, so I'm sure there has to be an established way to call
> > Pythonistas in this beautiful language.
> How established it is I don't know, but I did find (using Google) an
> occurence of "pitonisto" at
> <>.

Ha!  Even in Esperantujo newcomers to Python, trained in the "rules" of
"proper" object oriented programming, believe the lack of strict private
variables will tend to cause code to break when the implementation of a 
class changes.

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