python10 digest + articles at comprise PythonJournal 2(2)

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Sun Feb 17 22:26:02 EST 2002

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> Python Journal new issue 2(2) is out and about at
> with articles and a fairly detailed digest of the content of the 4 very full 
> days of the 2002 Python10 conference.   Focus in the articles of this issue 
> is on deepening understanding of how python works -- recursion, PySpy.
> First -- The pythonista thinks about repeating functions: Alternative
> recursion methods with iteration splitoff auxiliaries, having different oopses
> and efficiencies. Then -- Inspect your own pet python's looping and leaping.
> In realtime! Tutorial on Malcolmson's PySpy shows what documentation ;)
> looks like inside out, how basic program structures including recursion
> vs. iteration really slither along. Screenshots, congeners  (and cf.

The journal quotes an URL ... this cracks a 404. relates to a photographer named Matt Malcolmson.

What has happened to Tom the PySpy man??

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