ANN: Pyco 0.1 - Tiny Python Windows Distributions

dave at dave at
Wed Feb 6 22:00:55 CET 2002

Announcing Pyco - a tool for building tiny Python Windows executables.

What is it?
 Pyco (pronounced like "pico") is a program that creates standalone
 (single-file) Windows executables from your Python programs, with an
 emphasis on the finished executable being as small as possible (starting
 at about 350K).

Why should I use it?
 Most people probably shouldn't. ;-)
 It started as an experiment but I ended up using it for a real project,
 so I thought somebody else might like to use/play with it too. It does
 not attempt to replace the other tools (py2exe, McMillan), it is not as
 good as the other tools, and you should probably avoid Pyco if you
 haven't used the other tools before.

 I needed a very small Windows executable (for rapid downloads) to which
 I could easily append additional files after the executable had already
 been created. If you have similar needs, Pyco will be useful as is or
 as a starting point.

Where can I get it?

What is the license?
 Do whatever you want, don't sue me.


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