Tkinter.createfilehandler analog for Windows?

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Tue Feb 26 00:31:40 CET 2002

Andrew Kuchling <akuchlin at> writes:

> The Tkinter.createfilehandler() method isn't supported on Windows,
> only Unix and Mac.  So, when confronted with moving a Python program
> that uses createfilehandler() to Windows, what do people do?  Use
> threads?  Use Tcl's channel C API (but that seems inaccessible from
> Python)?  Something completely different?

Use threads. I believe using channels will lead nowhere. I assume this
is for sockets? You *could* use the Tcl socket(n) library, which has a
different programming model than Python sockets (which follow C
sockets closely). I'm not aware of anybody who has taken this route,
but I think it could work.


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