Scripting C++ -- Boost.Python vs CORBA vs ???

David Abrahams david.abrahams at
Wed Feb 27 09:29:56 EST 2002

I feel I should report that I was mistaken about the PDT developers'
commitment to support. I got a quick response (below) to my public complaint
and even a phone call yesterday! I'm still waiting for them to release a
fixed executable, but I am optimistic.


"Sameer Suresh Shende" <sameer at> wrote in message
news:mailman.1014748405.28236.python-list at
> Hi David,
> This looks like a bug in the IL Analyzer that is easily fixed.
> I'll look into this. We cannot distribute the sources of the IL Analyzer
> as they have routines that walk the intermediate language AST that are
> EDG proprietary. Our CREDITS file in PDT lists all contact e-mail
> addresses, but due to some recent security issues, we were advised to
> remove any personal information from the LANL webpages.
> If the code compiles on different OSes (perhaps under Linux), I
> wonder if you can parse it using PDT under Linux properly. We'll look into
> this rightaway and provide you with a bug fix soon.
> Thanks for your interest in SILOON and PDT.
> - Sameer

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