Linux and Python scripts, help needed

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Sun Feb 10 19:23:02 EST 2002

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From: "Ron Stephens" <rdsteph at>

> Since id dint get any mail despite putting your insert into the top 
> pf 
> import sys
>     sys.stdout = open("/home/ron/.error-log","a")
>     sys.stderr = sys.stdout
>     print "\n(job name) Starting..."
> I wonder if my mail is broken or if it is record somewhere else???

Exactly.  You misunderstood, I think... if you DIDN'T have the 
lines described, cron should send you mail.  With those lines, 
all your output from the script(s) should be in the file


and you can view them with less, more, vi, etc.

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