encapsulation, typing & other questions

sebastien s.keim at laposte.net
Fri Feb 8 14:27:52 CET 2002

Ragu Bharadwaj <ragu at daylight.com> wrote in message news:<3C62FD4D.2B908BA9 at daylight.com>...
> brueckd at tbye.com wrote 
(about static type checking)
> > I don't know of any plans to do this, and the benefits are probably less
> > than you'd imagine. This issue tends to come up as a theoretical problem
> > much more often (if ever) than it does in practice.
> Beg to disagree completely. I've seen too many folks encounter problems
> to believe this.
> -Ragu

If this is your feeling. I don't think Python will be a good language
for you.
My opinion is that Python paradigm is heavily depending on dynamic
type checking.
If you try to constrain Python to static type checking you will lose
almost every benefits of the language.
So you'd probably better to look for another language that feet better
with your requirements.

But are you really sure you need static type checking?
Take a look at pyunit and you will discover that it's really easy to
write unitests in Python.

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