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Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Feb 11 09:24:17 EST 2002

Matthias Janes wrote:

> 2. Now to my real question : How about when the Data file is in a
> subfolder I tried this:
> a = Analysis(['C:\\_Matthias\\_APPS\\TEST3\\'],
>              pathex=[])
> pyz = PYZ(a.pure)
> exe = EXE( pyz,
>           a.scripts,
>           a.binaries,
>           [('Data.cfg', 'c:/_Matthias/_APPS/TEST3/Data/Data.cfg',
> 'BINARY')],
>           name='MyApp.exe',
>           debug=0,
>           console=1)

The C code doesn't do mkdir, so it can only extract to the exe's

You can look at support/ as an example of how to 
extract a file in the archive (the code is more complex than
you need, because it's opening an embedded CArchive). Combine
code derived from that with:

  [('Data/Data.cfg', 'c:/_Matthias/_APPS/TEST3/Data/Data.cfg', 'DATA')]

You might want to think seriously about what benefit --onefile
is giving you with an app this complex. A --onedir will be much 
easier to set up, and much faster to start.

-- Gordon

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