encapsulation, typing & other questions

Quinn Dunkan quinn at hurl.ugcs.caltech.edu
Sat Feb 9 01:52:10 CET 2002

>Ragu Bharadwaj <ragu at daylight.com> writes:
>> 3. Are there plans to include method & variable encapsulation in the
>> object models in python? The answer I've heard is that since it's
>> possible to overcome encapsulation by long or dirty ways, it isn't worth
>> it. But my comeback is that if one sticks to the rules while coding,
>> this won't happen and the resulting gains are worth it.

Your 'comeback' is more applicable than you think, and is the answer you should
have heard (the answer you did hear is pretty silly).

It also applies to the dynamic vs. static thing.

"sticks to the rules" might be better phrased as "follows good coding

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