Help using ODBC.pyd to retrieve ntext data from SQL server

Paul Brian paul1brian at
Tue Feb 26 11:15:22 CET 2002

if this is what I think it is, the trouble is handling large amounts of blob
anywhere other than at the end of the select stmt.

"Select HugeField, Name, Amount from tbltest"

will get you a failed select or a blank hugefield depending on dbase and


"Select  Name, Amount, HugeField from tbltest"

Which might work. Good luck.

I think the official explanation is in MSDN somewhere but I cannot find it

Paul Brian
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Stephen <stephen.tubbs at> wrote in message
news:24420294.0202251419.82d3373 at
> I need help with a work around to read data from an ntext field on
> Microsoft SQL Server v7.0.  Python only returns None.  I'm able to get
> at the data in the field using a variety of other applications
> (Access, Query analyzer, etc...)  I have been through the odbc.pyd
> source and don't find any obvious exclusions for ntext data types.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Stephen

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