VPython--close causes crash!

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Wed Feb 27 15:06:40 EST 2002

chajadan wrote:

> It's working fine with VPython's Idle, though I haven't tried just good
> plain Idle (don't use it much). I wonder what pythonwin's prob is?
> --chajadan
> At 12:18 AM 2/26/02 -0800, chajadan wrote:
> >I downloaded VPython, and PyGeo, but whenever I close the VPython
> >generated windows, it crashes all of Pythonwin.
> >
> >Maybe this is a pythonwin problem, I'll try Idle--but anyone out there
> >have any ideas?

I'm not specifically familiar with VPython, but it's known that most GUI
toolkits have trouble cooperating with each other.  Tkinter and wxPython
code will not run properly inside of *either* IDLE or PythonWin, under
normal circumstances.  (It's possible to coerce Tkinter code to work inside
of IDLE, since IDLE *is* Tkinter code, but it takes some effort.)  I
suspect that it's this sort of toolkit-incompatibility that's biting you,
here, and that VPython's version of IDLE is modified to allow VPython
windows to work properly.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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