[OT]: Jabberwocky (was: Re: entries between labels dynamically)

Gareth McCaughan Gareth.McCaughan at pobox.com
Wed Feb 20 21:58:50 CET 2002

Jason Orendorff wrote:

> Yep, for some reason I was imagining "momeraths" as one word.

Perhaps ypu were thinking of the French version?

    Il brilgue: les toves lubricilleux
    Se gyre en vrillant dans le guave.
    Enmimes sont les gougebosqueux,
    Et le momerade horsgrave.

There are probably lots of mistakes there, and
of course all the accents are missing.

(To whoever it was: "borogoves" is correct and
"borogroves" is wrong, although for some reason
it seems to be difficult to remember this.)

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