Defending the rodent (was Re: Defending the Python lanuage...)

James_Althoff at James_Althoff at
Mon Feb 4 21:41:02 CET 2002

> Of course, if Douglas Englebart had had his way, this would all be moot.
> Englebart -- who invented the computer mouse -- didn't like moving his
> off the keyboard either.  So for his famous NLS system he devised a
> one-handed "chording" keypad on which he typed (all characters) using his
> left hand while manipulating the mouse with his right.  Decades later he
> still maintained that this is *the* way to do it.  :-)

>Have you ever tried a chording keyboard?  It's absolutely amazing; I can
>type about twice as fast on a chording keyboard as I can on a QWERTY one
>(although I probably couldn't now -- I haven't used one for years).

Yes. We had some at Xerox PARC.

>Jacob (who now wants to get his circa 1990 serial chording keyboard to
>work with his palm for taking notes in class)

Rock on!  (If nothing else, it should get you some amused looks in the
classroom <wink>).


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