Automatic daily updates on Pythonic web articles works-finally!

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Sun Feb 3 00:40:11 EST 2002 now has a link that gives a new list
each day at 7:30 A.M. of the last 200 web articles about Python. 

The full archive of all of the thousands of such articles since the dawn
of time is also still available, but it takes a much longer time to
download ;-)))

It's not perfect; it is still a work in progress, but at least now (if
it all continues to work !) we can expect a new list each morning of
interesting articles. Perhaps we are dealing with a case of nascent
artificial intelligence, since the resulting list is just a wee bit
indeterminate; so at least you know you'll see new articles each day,
although a few might be actually 'old" articles that didn't show up
before for some reason (right now IBM's Developer Works has a string of
such articles at the top of the list, but hey they're great articles and
we should all read Dr. David Mertz' stuff again anyway;-))). Also, a few
non-Python but nevertheless interesting programming related articles
show up from time to time.

I can't guarantee it will continue to work each day (I am out of town
again all week and the computer could crash) but I think it will and it
is interesting to see fresh Pythonic articles each day, thanks to Hans
Nowak for the mygale web spider program!

Also, you might want to check out the link to the "Tech News Web
Robot-updated each 15 minutes". This is a more general tech news web
spider that updates more or less continuously all the time and grabs
links to breaking news stories about technical subjects (mostly
computer-related) and scrolls them across the screen, with older stories
dropping off the bottom, each story might be up for 2-3 hours on a week
day before it disappears into the ether.

Also yet again ;-))), I have entered the first installments of my
experiences with Linux under the Linux Chronicles. I switched cold
turkey three weeks ago, and although I have been gone from home most of
the time since then, I am finding Linux to be mostly great, and
certainly a great environment for Python, but of course I have
encountered some difficulties. 

And more new stuff is there also...

Ron Stephens

P.S. Thanks again to Hans Nowak...

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