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>New to the language, new to OO but I do understand the basic concepts,
>not at all new to programming, trying to do the right thing by
>searching archives before asking questions. Yet I feel I need to be
>doing a university degree course in philosophy or mathematics to
>follow almost any discussion. If that's the way it is fair enough but
>Python is supposedly simple to learn (thus far I've had an easier time
>of it learning Perl). If someone comes and says I've had the following
>understanding of concept X since I was in grade 2 why is it not so in
>Python, the answers seem to be heavy on the philosophical
>justifications fo the Python way and light on the practical benefits.
>The answers also tend to be in a totally different intellectual
Have you looked at The Quick Python Book by Daryl Harms & Kenneth
McDonald  published by Manning
Publishing Co.? I am a newbie to programming and have found this book
to be the best help for me in understanding the python language in a
clear and concise way. With this book by your side you will be able to
follow majority of the discussions. I highly recommend this book. 
Randy Talbot

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