RELEASED - StandaloneZODB 1.0 release candidate 1

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at
Tue Feb 5 00:05:02 EST 2002

Tom Loredo <loredo at> wrote in message news:<3C5F1AAD.A16F6356 at>...
> Hi-
> I am having difficulties building StandaloneZODB on a *Mac*
> (Classic, not OS X), even though I was able to build ZODB
> from stuff I threw together from the last official Zope release
> fine.  I tried it a couple weeks ago before the official
> release, and got farther than I was able to get with this
> new release candidate (which appears to have a heavily
> revised, and to have ignored some changes that
> Guido checked in specifically to help the code clear the
> Codewarrior compiler).

I'm not sure I follow you here.  We did make substantial changes to
the  The changes allow a single binary install to be created
from the setup script; the old version would create several different
installers for the individual components of ZODB.

But Guido never made any changes to support Codewarrior.  He did make
a couple of changes to make bsddb3Storage optional, but those changes
have been preserved in the current version.  (I'm sure here; I checked
the CVS logs.)

Are you thinking of some other or some other project?
> I'm really pressed for time currently and have had to give
> up on this for the time being (esp. since I already have
> something that works).  If Mac compatibility is at all a
> priority for you folks, do let me know and I'll try to work
> more on it if I can.  In the past I have not found much
> enthusiasm for Mac compatibility in Zope land....

Mac compatibility would be nice, but we need to rely on third-party
contributions for it.  None of us have or use Macs, so we've got zero
chance of getting it right.  If you could at least explain what didn't
work, some other Mac user might be able to solve the problem.


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