importing dlls with python

Carl Caulkett carlca at
Thu Feb 21 18:33:18 EST 2002

In article <e6bacef5.0202192029.2d095cc8 at>, tkeon0 says...
> Hi, I am new to Python, and was wondering if it was possible to import
> dlls written in Delphi 5?  I have tried a number of methods to make it
> work, and I either get:

Hi Trevor,

First of all I would recommend getting "Python For Delphi" from:

Amongst other things, it contains a full Delphi translation of the 
Python API, as well as sample code for a DLL that can be imported into 
Python. This should be enough to get you started.

I am working on a Delphi project which builds upon "Python For Delphi" 
and which will allow you to write classes which are able to expose 
published properties and methods to Python, with virtually no extra 
coding. As soon as it is ready for human consumption, I'll post here and 
on the Borland newsgroups.


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