ANN: SilverCity 0.5.0

Brian Quinlan brian at
Tue Feb 12 13:14:16 EST 2002

SilverCity is a lexing package, based on Scintilla, which can provide
lexical analysis for over 20 programming and markup languages. 

There are two ways to access its functionality: through a C++ library
and through a Python extension package.

The Python extension package also contains modules that can generate
syntax-styled HTML documents for C++, HTML, Python, XML and XSLT.

The code was been tested reasonable well but I haven't invested much
effort in writing documentation at this point. For a simple interactive
session see:

You can download the Python package from:

I have installers for Windows and have tested the source distribution on
RH 7.2.  Actually, I would suggest downloading the source distribution
in any case because it contains a useful example script called


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