Autocoding - the resistance to expect from psuedo programmers

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed Feb 6 23:47:03 CET 2002

In comp.lang.python Timothy Rue <threeseas at> wrote:
> Tell me how prestegious that email address is of your as you will be
> forces to pull your head out of your ass and admit that auto-coding is
> possible and should have been done a decade or so ago.

In fact, auto-coding has been done, in Python Secret Underground
headquarters, and in fact more than a decade ago. It was then
discovered it would seriously decrease the PSU's income. After all, many
of its 'donators' work as semi-competent programmers and would surely
be out of a job as soon as auto-coding was made available to the general

The PSU then proceeded on a ruthless suppression campaign. All people who
knew about the implementation of auto-coding were either removed entirely,
or brainwashed into becoming Perl programmers.

So all ended well -- the PSU gets its income and the pretentious semi-competent
programmers retain their jobs until perpetuity. Occasionally of course a
person of exceptional insight breaks into the secret, but the PSU has
made sure they're booed away before they can do any harm.

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