Python like the old-time batch files.

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Fri Feb 1 02:27:08 CET 2002

"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
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> Boxes are formed from lines, and the lines are just special graphic
> characters from the IBM PC Extended ASCII Display Characters as shown
> in, for example, .
> For example, the following outputs a trivial, fixed-size box at the
> current location:
> >>> WConio.cputs('\xDA\xC4\xC4\xC4\xBF\n\xC0\xC4\xC4\xC4\xD9')
> +---+
> +---+>>>
> (Yes, that looks better on in the DOS prompt... :)

Huh.  Brain damage, obviously... I didn't realize that the standard
IBM graphics worked in a Windows console.  It's using code page 437,

> I'd recommend not adding it to WConio, since it is relatively
> simple to do as needed, and is not itself sufficient for much
> improvement over a basic text interface, so it would likely
> grow over time and overload WConio with mostly unused
> functionality.  A new module on top of WConio might be a better
> option.

I may include it as an example.

Thanks for the info.

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