Python 2.2 Modules/Setup lies?

Jon Ribbens jon+usenet at
Mon Feb 4 09:16:59 EST 2002

In article <m3sn8hkbqh.fsf at>,
  Martin v. Loewis wrote:
>This suggests that editing Modules/Setup is optional, and indeed, it

There is nothing to tell you this though. Normally if a README says to
run ./configure, then maybe edit another file, you go take a brief
look at that file to see if you do indeed need to make any changes. If
when you get there you find that in fact things you need have not been
enabled, then you edit it. Since that is always going to be the case
with a Python 2.2 install, it means that if you're following the
instructions as given then editing Modules/Setup is mandatory and very

The problem appears to be that the install procedure has changed
radically, without the install instructions changing at all.
Modules/Setup is no longer a file you edit to enable the standard
modules, it's a file you edit only if you need to change the compile
options (such as where to find libraries, etc). It might be a good
idea to mention this somewhere in the README!

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