distutils on win32

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at ion-tof.com
Tue Feb 5 21:25:09 CET 2002

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> "sameer" <sameer_ at email.com> wrote in message news:6bd9f01b.0202051200.74b0267b at posting.google.com...
> > i'm using distutils to make a windows installer for a python/wxpython
> > app.  what's the fastest way for me to create shortcuts on the desktop
> > as well as the Start menu for the file I want the users to be able to
> > run.  I don't want them to have to go into the correct package, and
> > run the app from there.
> Not easy, I suppose. The fastest way would probably be to prepare the
> distribution with distutils, and use inno setup to install everything
> and create the shortcuts.
> Thomas
> PS: If you insist on using pure distutils, you would probably create
> your own 'install' command in the setup script, use Mark Hammond's
> win32all extension (which must be present on the target computer),
> to create the shortcuts.
> Caveat: This will only work if the user installs from source, not
> from the distutils windows installer.
PPS: I hope to finish a new version of bdist_wininst soon, which
allows to run an install-script after the files are copied.
So there *is* hope for a pure distutils solution.

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