Thread support in NetBSD

Anders Åberg andersaa at
Wed Feb 27 09:06:25 CET 2002

I have problems getting the thread module to work in Python on NetBSD.
I was told that there were some problems with this on NetBSD, but that it
was possible to get it to work with some effort, by using a pthread library
called mit-pthread. So I installed this and tried to recompile Python with
the following parameter to the configure script:

./configure --with-threads=/usr/pkg/pthread

This parameter is explained like this in the help page:

--with(out)-threads[=DIRECTORY] disable/enable thread support"

In the pthread directory, there are three subdirectories: bin, include and
lib. Should I have passed one of these as parameter to configure, instead
of the parent directory?

Anyway, it doesn't work and I am stuck now. Does anybody know how
to fix this?

Any help appreciated!


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