No space left on device

Sue Giller sag at
Thu Feb 21 00:23:13 CET 2002

Curiouser and curiouser

I don't think the problem is in the space on the drive.

I can get the program to run completely with no slowdown if I 
generate filenames without using the mktemp function
	fileName = base + number + extension

I can also get the program to run completely, with no slowdown, if I 
generate filenames, BUT don't make any files.

There seems to be some issue with the combination of using 
mktemp to get a unique filename (the slowdown is probably due to 
some sort of checking mktemp does for each name generation) and 
also creating a file.

My original code generated a series of temp files using one of three 
different seeds, but it failed also at the 21800 level.  So changing the 
seeds doesn't cure this.

I will try a test where I build a directory tree and see if that fixes 
things.  Currently, I am inclined to think there is something in 
mktemp and my computer (ram size or some such) that might be the 
problem.  I need to try this on a drive not on my main machine  as 

Thanks for replies.

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