Python on Windows CE

Brian Kelley bkelley at
Fri Feb 15 19:50:35 CET 2002

MegaHurts wrote:

> I've loaded the 1.5.2 Python for Windows CE
> onto my MobilePro with CE 2.0.

I was using Python CE for my Vadem Clio a couple of years ago.  You 
certainly can write small applications with windows CE, I wrote the 
first prototype of a chemoinformatics package while sitting on a beach 
in fiji.

The best example of writing a gui is given by the taskbar demo which 
comes with the distribution, I believe this can be run standalone.

Unfortunately, 1.5.2 seems to be the end of the CE 2.0 distibution that 
Mark Hammond worked on a long time ago.


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