Coredumps with Python 2.1.1-3

Ryan Phillips ryan.phillips at
Tue Feb 26 14:14:55 EST 2002

"Phil Mayers" <p.mayers at> wrote in message
news:20020226.185425.1884661237.5746 at
> I'm using the RPM for Python 2.1.1-3 from the Python website, and have
> just had a *really* weird problem. I was editing some code, and did a
> test run. It all worked. I turned to chat to a colleague again - turned
> back a few minutes later, scrolled one line up in the shell history, BOOM
> core dump with the following traceback:
> #0  0x806f9e1 in Py_GetProgramFullPath ()
> #1  0x80928d2 in PyTuple_GetSlice ()
> #2  0x806fa12 in Py_GetProgramFullPath ()
> #3  0x806fe0c in Py_GetProgramFullPath ()
> #4  0x807009a in Py_GetProgramFullPath ()
> #5  0x80700e9 in _PyGC_Insert ()

Perhaps the problem is with the libc version.  Have you tried to get the
source and recompile python yourself?


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