Autocoding project proposal.

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Wed Feb 6 14:34:07 CET 2002

On Wed, 06 Feb 2002 04:54:05 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at> wrote:
>On 03-Feb-02 19:47:37 Peter Seebach <seebs at> wrote:
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>>Timothy Rue <threeseas at> wrote:
>>>Don't like the idea of autocoding huh?
>>Haven't been able to perceive whether or not you have an idea.  I have to
>>say, you're talking to the wrong crowd.  You need people less mired in
>>conventional ideas of software engineering.  Your best bet is almost
>>certainly the C# people; they are certainly not mired in conventional ideas
>>of software engineering.
>Why would  be interested in a programming language by a company that has
>been found guilty of Anti-trust? Not to mention that language is not
>available anywhere near as much as something like Python.

There is an open source implementation of C# as part of gcc, so I expect it runs
on pretty much everything.

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