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On 12-Feb-02 10:46:49 phil hunt <philh at comuno.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 18:37:51 -0600, Chris Gonnerman
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>>Indeed.  He uses a nonstandard definition of "language" and applies
>>to programming.  He can't program, you know; ten years on this project and
>>nothing to show for it.  If I had tried to develop something like this for
>>ten years and had nothing to show for it but a website, I'd give up.

>At least his code is all neatly lined up!

Chris's comprehension level is greatly lacking and you've shown your
superiority attitude.

Ten years???? it was Feburary 1988 when I identified the nine commands.

I never claimed to be a programmer and never wanted to make the VIC but
rather someone to use it. But I also don't, and never will want to be
abused by any programmer wanting to take credit and property rights to the

The computer industry has alot of ethical problems in this area of taking
everything the can from the users, from their ideas, to their debugging
efforts (feedback), to their money in payment for what came from them, and
now rental....and always it is never quite right but lacking always... for
upgrading recycling of consumer entrapment abuse.

That's what evidence ..... well what is, is what is. You know what you

It's good to know that such practice is going to soon come to an end.
.net is just another hype distraction. What would autocoding do to
distributed development, distributed computing and web services, when
these things are developer focus and autocoding goes beyond that to the
consumer, not to mention what all else the same tool set can be used for
to help the consumer do things by themselves?

There never will be enough programmers, but there is always exactly the
perfect number of user to do all the things a user needs to do for
themselves. Given the right freedom for the users, creating tools.

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