Coming of age...

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Feb 13 19:58:22 CET 2002

Paul Prescod wrote:

> This is one more datapoint over a few I've collected in the last few
> weeks that somehow Python has crossed some kind of line from being a
> "like to try it someday" language to an "everybody cool is using it
> these days" language. Despite waiting for this moment for several years
> I am somewhat, er, nervous about what this means for the future...

turning into a "sued by kodak" language?

from one of the patents mentioned in that article:

    "An object based data processing system including an extensible
    set of object types and a corresponding set of "object managers"
    wherein each object manager is a program for operating with the
    data stored in a corresponding type of object. The object managers
    in general support at least a standard set of operations. Any
    program can effect performance of these standard operations
    on objects of any type by making an "invocation" request. In
    response to an invocation request, object management services
    (which are available to all object managers) identifies and invokes
    an object manager that is suitable for performing the requested
    operation on the specified type of data. A mechanism is provided
    for linking data from one object into another object. An object
    catalog includes both information about objects and about links
    between objects."

replace "object manager" with "class", and "object catalog" with
module, and what do you get? ;-)


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