IMAP Socket errors on Windows 2000

Eric Torstenson torstenson at
Wed Jan 9 18:13:48 EST 2002

Has anyone experienced anything like this, and were they able to figure out
what the problem was.

I am trying to write a script that will perform a little bit of maintenance
on an IMAP mail account. I can connect just fine from several linux boxes
and one other windows 2000 box (connecting to the mail server, that is), but
on the machine that I am actually doing the development (it needs to stay on
win2k, unfortunately, will not allow me to connect.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Python several times, to no avail. I
don't think it has anything to do with python, but with windows 2k.
Unfortunately, from what I can tell there is nothing unusual about my
machine. It is a clean installation (just a couple of weeks old), and
everything else works fine.

I can do the mail testing on a linux box if necessary, but it is a nagging
feeling knowing that there has to be a solution to allow it to run locally.

FYI, the mail server is Exchange 5.5, and the machine is just down the hall
from the machine with the problem. Since I can send and recieve mail using
various IMAP clients, I know that the primary network config is fine. Also,
since I can get it to work using 1.5 (linux) and 2.2 (windows 2k on a lab
computer) I really don't think it is a python problem.

If anyone has dealt with this, and can send me somewhere to start, I would
be very grateful.


Eric Torstenson

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