Client-side web scripting in Python?

Kevin Altis altis at
Tue Jan 1 18:40:05 EST 2002

based on your description I don't see the advantage of having the GUI in the
browser. If you need a simple GUI tool, you might want to look at
There is a simple layout editor (the resourceEditor sample) in the latest
version. There is also support for converting to and from PIL image format
and drawing PIL images into PythonCard buffered bitmaps for use in the GUI.
You shouldn't have to change any of your existing PIL code. You can create a
Windows binary of your application using py2exe and then end-users won't
have to have Python, wxPython, PIL, or PythonCard, or any other libraries

You can post questions to the PythonCard mailing list
or ask them here on comp.lang.python as long as you put PythonCard in the
subject line so it is easy to spot.


"Rolf" <rolffreimuth at> wrote in message
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> Paul Rubin <phr-n2001d at> wrote in message
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> > rolffreimuth at (Rolf) writes:
> > > Is there any way to do *pure* python client-side scripting?  Are there
> > > any good resources with examples of how to do it?
> >
> > If you mean for publishing web pages on the internet, it doesn't sound
> > like such a great idea.  I've stopped paying attention to Windoze but
> > I believe there's a Python version (ActiveState?) that's callable as a
> > COM object.  So you'd have to download the huge interpreter to the
> > client, and then you could call it from Javascript.  You should be
> > able to pass it the document object as an argument.  From there, the
> > python script can use the regular COM automation methods to navigate
> > inside the document object, or it can call javascript code to
> > manipulate the document.  I've forgotten most of this stuff but
> > basically once you get hold of the IWebBrowser2 interface you can
> > make the browser do most anything you want.
> I dont mean for it to be a web application.  I am just considering it
> as a possibility for a simple GUI.  To run the app, a user would need
> Python installed, plus MSIE, plus a few other python libs.  It is
> primarily for my own use and education.  To launch the app, the user
> would just click on an HTML file on the local hard drive.
> Having the GUI in a browser is an advantage for this application.  The
> app basically scans a directory tree for large digital photos (~2MB
> each) then it uses PIL to create thumbnails and and some more
> reasonably sized "large" images for publishing on the web.  I also was
> considering writing some code to manage the FTP of the "processed"
> images up to my website.
> Rolf

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