Python like the old-time batch files.

Gillou nospam at
Thu Jan 31 15:32:21 CET 2002

Not in the standard distro for win32
Unix have a curses package for this.
You can get a curses like package for windows from there...


"MDK" <mdk at> a écrit dans le message news:
a3bhcf$176195$1 at
> I was thinking back to years ago when I wrote batch files and I was able
> make these real nice double-line borders, change the color of things, and,
> one of my favorite things, move the cursor up, down, left, or right in
> to write text or put lines anywhere.
> In Windows when I double click on a file it runs in a DOS-like
> box.  Is it possible in Python to make those neat double-line borders,
> change colors, and move the cursor to the exact position you want?
> Thanks.

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