Autocoding project proposal.

Laura Creighton lac at
Fri Jan 25 14:31:11 EST 2002

> Timothy Rue:
> Oh, I'm sure there is a spectrum of people intensely focused on a project,
> to those who are helpping a little here and there in a project to those
> who are at the other extream of putting on an act with intent to cleverly
> hinder..... and all else inbetween....
> Kragen, where do you fall in the spectrum mentioned in the beginning of
> this post?

[In case Kragen is modest]

In the past week Kragen has released the  arrayfrombuffer package (really
cool - I spent this afternoon playing with it when I was supposed to
be working on something else, because I couldn't put it down),


a preliminary version of MetaPy, (also available as .zip,
.src.rpm, .noarch.rpm, and .win32.exe)

plus a vastly more interesting bit of pythonic philosophical speculation:

which you could have found out simply by reading this list this week.
Kragen thus is this week's winner in my 'Reasons that I love Open Source'

Laura Creighton

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