Autocoding >Re: "Introduction to Ethics",

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 28 00:34:16 EST 2002

Christopher Browne wrote:
> Peter Hansen <peter at> writes:
> > Christopher Browne wrote:
> >> It sort of looks like the denizens of comp.sys.amiga.misc drove him
> >> from there, and he as a result headed to comp.lang.python and
> >> gnu.misc.discuss to spread his "vision."
> > I dug up pieces of the sordid history with the Amiga newsgroup, but
> > I didn't find evidence that they actually drove him out.  Do you
> > have any details on how that process worked, or are you just
> > guessing?
> I'm merely guessing, based on the consideration that discussion moved,
> and that there's presumably some sort of "why."

Damn!  "Those who fail to learn from history.... "  ;-)

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