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Mon Jan 28 21:58:49 EST 2002

> From: Timothy Rue [mailto:threeseas at]
> On 28-Jan-02 12:28:00 Courageous <jkraska at> wrote:
> >>Start here: We exist (one item)
> >There is something fundamentally wrong with your ability to 
> coherently
> >present yourself.
> >C//
> There are plenty of people who understand me, so that leave 
> me to believe
> the problem is your inability to comprehend. Takes all kinds 
> of people to
> make the world go round.
> Peoples minds work differently.

In particular, it appears that the minds of nearly everyone on work
very differently from yours.

You have managed to confuse some of the clearest-thinking people I have ever
involved myself with. This leads me to the question ... "Where do *you*
think the problem begins?" I know where I think it begins - and it's not
with the posters of

Tim Delaney

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