n++ < 10 syntax error??

Pekka Pessi Pekka.Pessi at nokia.com
Sun Jan 13 17:48:25 CET 2002

In message <h7d34ucusarslbdqfhiu2bvsph2lg9bf5t at 4ax.com> rihad <rihad at mail.ru> writes:
>while n++ < 10:
>  pass

>Gives a syntax error. Changing n++ to ++n compiles fine.... What the
>hell is going on???

>(P.S. I know I can use the "for n in range(10)" idiom, but what's
>wrong with n++?)

	There is no postincrement operator in Python. There is no
	preincrement either, but ++n parses as + + n (which equals to
	- - n):

>>> n = 1
>>> ++n
>>> ++n == --n

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