"python powered"?

DeepBleu DeepBleu at DeepBleu.org
Fri Jan 11 19:38:59 EST 2002

It can mean different things:
1.  On Win PC running IIS, it may mean that the Hammond's Python ActiveX
Scripting engine is installed so that you can use Python via ASP pages.
2.  Python is installed so that you can use it in your CGI programs on Sun,
Wintel etc....
3.  Zope is installed so that you can use it (Zope is based on Python).
All in all any web server/framewrk that allows you to use Python in
scripting for the web.

"ellen" <ellen731223 at bigfoot.com> wrote in message
news:a1naqg$2uf$1 at panix3.panix.com...
> pardon my ignorance, i know little about python,
> but i've seen the "python powered" icon in several
> websites.  what exactly does it mean?  are these
> python cgi scripts?  or python servlets?  or what?
> e.

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