Python Extension Designer / Builder.

Michael Hudson mwh at
Fri Jan 25 12:22:23 EST 2002

Gustavo Córdova Avila <rangerelf at> writes:

> I'm thinking *very* seriously about making a python module
> which will build the skeleton to a python extension module
> (with types and all). I haven't read very much about it yet,
> because I'm trying to concentrate on the designer for the
> extension module.

Not a bad idea.  I've had it myself, a few times, but not really gone
anywhere with it.

There's also Tools/modulator in the source distribution, which seems
to have suffered a certain amount of bitrot[1], but might make a good
starting point.

> My idea is that the description of the external module
> (with documentation and all) should be an XML document,
> with all relevant information contained. I have a (very
> preliminar?) example of the DTD and a little example module
> which implements a "ramp-like" funcion (a'la xrange).

Why XML, for heavens sake?

Here's a hint: you're only generating the *skeleton* of the C file;
once you've generated this skeleton, you're going to be editing the C,
surely, not whatever data you generated the skeleton from.


[1] The "enter c file name" dialog is quite funny -- text about 100
    pts, dialog taller than screen...

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