Autocoding project proposal.

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Sat Jan 26 09:15:21 EST 2002

On 25-Jan-02 18:37:22 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
>On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 17:09:56 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at>
>>On 25-Jan-02 08:01:39 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
>>>On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 02:30:22 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at>
>>>>I'm asking for help in creating this tool.
>>>Create something that works -- it doesn't have to work very well, but
>>>it must have some small functionality. Then you will likely get some help,
>>>if others find the project interesting too. At least, that is what I have
>>That's been done..
>>how would you suggest breaking the project into parts so as to be able to
>>create a list of parts to do, that I might get help with?

>I would suggest the following:

>(1) take the crap out of your website, i.e. the javaScript, the black
>background, the multicoloured text. Use a more restrained design.

you don't like Javascript? Then use the decafe version link at the top
of the page. Dumb thing the web page industry, making up foolish things
like colored text and all....

>(2) describe your project so that people can more easily understand it.
>You should aim to do this an a paragraph or three; any longer is too

Show me this. Give me an example. You see I have done this before, even
getting it down to 20 words or less for those who wanted it that way.
Guess what? They then complained it did describe enough.

But show me this.

>(3) learn better coding techniques. 500 lines in one function is not
>good. Write lots of Python code -- learning programming is like learning
>anything else, you have to practise to get good at it.

Is there something you fail to understand why I picked autocoding as a
target of how this tool can be used?

>(4) Don't be obsessed with getting others to help you. Plan to do
>the work yourself if need be.

Then there is the other problem, getting others to understand how to use
it so that the power of many can be moved into action in order to generate
the sum benefits everyone gets to play in.

Chicken or egg.......

You do know the concept of zero, '0', nothing having a value, had been an
established concept of the hindu long before it was included with the
arabic nine digits. And the final ten digit numbering system took
something like 300 years to adopt by the majority into common use, over
the far more limited roman numeral system.

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