Autocoding project proposal.

Timothy Rue threeseas at
Mon Jan 28 23:55:59 EST 2002

On 28-Jan-02 22:50:33 Sam Holden <sholden at> wrote:
>On Tue, 29 Jan 2002 02:42:53 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at>
>>On 28-Jan-02 07:05:55 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
>>>On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 03:16:49 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at>
>>>>What happen to the rest of my comment?
>>>It's normal couresy on Usenet not to quote more than necessary.
>>You are trolling Phil and we all know it. The sum total of all your
>>comments shows an intent to not onl be negatve but to instigate it.
>>Taking something out of context and then commenting in a manner that is
>>not supportive of the full comment is an act of intentional dishonesty.
>>So know I know who you are. Your intent is to hinder, not help.

>You are coming across (at least to me) as very paranoid. Trimming is common
>usenet courtesy. Replying to only a small portion of a longer post is
>common practice.

that is no excuse to trim one sentence that makes a difference.

>Phil Hunt has good history of informative posts and interesting discussions,
>as well as listening to others and being (at least to me) honest in his

No he is not, from what I see.

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