Overcome ADHD, alcoholism, and other Addictions

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> Do YOU need help or know somebody who needs help 
> with any of the following addictions?
> alcoholism
> drug addiction
> smoking
> ADHD (attention hyper deficit disorder)

Wouldn't that be AHDD?

> sugar or carbohydrate bingeing
> PreMenstrual Syndrome,(PMS)

Since when was PMS an addiction?  Not thats scary!

> Research has shown successfully throughout history 
> that there is help.  In 1990 Dr. Kenneth Blum 
> discovered the gene for alcoholism.  This led 
> to amazing research in the treatment for all 
> of the above mentioned addictions.
> Dr. Kenneth Blum is the Father of Psychiatric 
> genetics.  He is credited with discovering
> the gene for cocaine addiction.  In 1995 he 
> coined RDS, Reward Deficiency Syndrome, which 
> will forever change our world.  
> Steve Allen the media great is quoted as saying 
> "with regard to my former show where I interview 
> the greatest minds-today I would interview 
> Dr. Blum, whose research on the genetics of 
> alcoholism will change the world as we see 
> it today."
> Dr. Kenneth Blum  who has been in private practice 
> his entire career is finally going to help the 
> public.  He recently put global patents on 7 
> products that will completely change the world 
> of addiction.
> His products that are 100 percent natural 
> are finally ready.  These are products that 
> help people control their lives, that are 
> produced by one of the most well known, 
> most respected doctors in the medical 
> industry.
> If you are interested in these products or 
> learning about addiction on Dr. Blums new 
> website please send me an email asap to
> drjacobs at newsalerts.port5.com with the subject "help"
> or click below

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