Redhat and Python 2.x.x

john doe ainsoph3 at
Sun Jan 20 16:54:17 EST 2002

I have finally taken the plunge and decided to get up to speed in python.
Seems like a great lanuage.

My trouble is, I am using a RH 7.2 machine for learning, and since the
default install of Python is 1.5.2 I have been having troubles with
proper install of libs since I added python 2 to the mix.

What I am trying to figure out is, how do you mix and match libraries? Is
it possible? An example would be, I just installed pybber to look at and
I cannot get it running. I switched parts of the app to:

#!/usr/bin/python2 so it will at least execute..

But it still complains that libs are missing, yet when I look for the
libs, they are there, just installed for 1.5.2.

So I am just wondering how it is possible to allow the two instances of
python to exist and remain able to load modules and libs. I have already
had trouble doing some tutorials with not being able to import what I

What a pain.

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