frozen win32com problem

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Jan 9 23:35:21 EST 2002

Robin Becker wrote:

> In article <mailman.1010145073.13388.python-list at>, Stefan
> Schukat <SSchukat at> writes

> I have a vague understanding that comcat.dll implements the "Component
> Categories Manager" required for controls, but not for com objects. I
> have set _reg_disable_pycomcat_ = 1 in my com class, but even so it
> seems that the win32com/server/ module contains an
> unconditional attempt to register the "Python COM Server" category.
> This is a bit restrictive.

I agree, but I can't see why this would happen.  Please have a quick 
look at RegisterServer and the use of 'addPyComCat', and if you can see 
the problem send me a patch.



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