Autocoding project proposal.

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Jan 31 12:17:48 EST 2002

"Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> wrote in message

> I came here seeking help to do this project but all I really have
> is alot of resistance. What ever postitive productive comments there
> have been buried in the negative.

On the contrary: you have gotten thousands of dollars worth of free
advice and criticism.  From what I have seen, you have rejected it all
and instead done your best to dig out or even imagine bits of
negativity buried within positive productive comments.

Look at how you responded to my well-intentioned (but obviously
foolish) response to what I thought was your best writing up to that
point: quote one line out of context (the way you keep accusing other
of doing) and take the statement that I thought you had done something
good as somehow threatening.  So, I got your message and will not
burden you with anything else, such as suggestions on how to improve
the code you just posted.

Terry J. Reedy

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