Autocoding project proposal.

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>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:
> On 29-Jan-02 11:06:40 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:
>>>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:

>>> On 28-Jan-02 13:26:36 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:

>>>> These are the things you'll need to take into account in developing
>>>> a new language (or get others to help you develop it).

>>> Well since the VIC is not a language I don't suppose I need be
>>> concerned about such things as the things you presented.

>> Of course its a language.  As you've already stated, it's a language
>> consisting of 9 commands.

> I didn't say that.

> Think of it this way: as the concept of nothing having value (zero
> as a place holder along with the digits 1-9) was a very difficult
> concept for the people over a period of 300 years to grasp, perhaps
> so is this that I present. Only now we are at a period of much
> faster advancements.

> But who would have the most trouble grasping what I've been
> presenting but those who have been programmed to think in terms that
> are not so able to so communicate what I'm on about.

> It's not unusual in the computer industry to change the meaning of a
> word to mean something different or even the opposite of a words
> original definition. The word hacker is one such example.

> But this that I'm on about, the definition stays as is, though the
> word or symbol sequences attached to the definitions are open to be
> changed.

You're right.  Given the way that you use (or don't use) language,
what could I have been thinking of...  8-(

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