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Iñigo Serna inigoserna at terra.es
Tue Jan 29 17:15:34 EST 2002

El mar, 29-01-2002 a las 17:03, puCK at supereva.it_ escribió:
> Hi all.. I've to interact via python with 3d modeling application [maybe Blender3D].
> I've to create an avatar who reads a text file and react speaking it [with a text-2-speech engine I presume] and moving its lips, eyes etc etc
> I'm a phyton newbie... and I do not know how to start... anyone knowing where to find a text2speech library or some documented algorithms for 
> converting a text files in phonems and to pass phonems to my avatar?

Festival (http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival.html or
http://www.festival.org) exports C++ and scheme APIs, but you can also
use an os.system('echo "hello" | festival --tts') to get it speaking.

btw, it runs on UNIX/Linux.


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