What does Python fix?

James_Althoff at i2.com James_Althoff at i2.com
Tue Jan 22 20:02:16 CET 2002

It is easier to code effectively in Java than it is C++. Java has
less complexity, and thererefor is less error-prone. Misfortunately,
it also has Swing. I'm aware that it's been hyped, and I certainly
don't believe in Java as The One True Way or what not.

Swing and things like Swing demonstrate cracks in the "write once
run every concept," basically illustrating that the overall approach
has its flaws. As good as a concept as it is, it is of sufficient
scope to be difficult to execute.

Actually, we've had very good luck with Swing.  We have developed
sophisticated products that are in production at customers.  We used Jython
and Swing to do the user interface (for many of the products).  As an
example, I developed an application that provides very easy-to-use pivot
tables to analyze data queried from a datawarehouse.  We had to change the
look-and-feel of our Swing-based UI's to match our corporate standard
(which was designed by the highly-regarded Frog design firm) so that our
Swing-based UI's looked nearly identical to our HTML-based UI's.  Swing
made this *extremely* easy.  I'm not sure it would have even been possible
(or not practical, at least) with most other GUI frameworks.  And we had
almost no problems running across multiple flavors of Windows and Unix --
with no need to recompile.  We just jar up the files (mostly Jython, a
little bit of Java) and it all works.

Not sure what problems you've run into.


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