Ruby Impressions

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Fri Jan 11 18:54:24 CET 2002

"Phil Tomson" <ptkwt at> wrote in message
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>.  I  tried Python for a few days about a year and a half ago - I
> intended to move to Python then(even bought the "Learning Python"
> "Python Essential Reference" books) - but after a few days it just
> seem to 'click' with me (OK, I'll say it at risk of great flame
danger in
> this ng: I didn't like that indentation thing and I didn't like all
> those __*__ method names ;-) and I went back to Perl.

I wish more people that dislike the 'indentation thing' (which I love)
would be so mature as to move on rather than start a flame war to try
to change it.  Gook luck with your Perl and Ruby programming.

Terry J. Reedy

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