Autocoding project proposal.

phil hunt philh at
Fri Jan 25 18:56:43 EST 2002

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:42:27 -0800, Cliff Wells <logiplexsoftware at> wrote:
>On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 21:28:34 GMT
>Timothy Rue wrote:
>> On 25-Jan-02 15:42:19 Cliff Wells <logiplexsoftware at> wrote:
>> >BTW, once the 9 commands are finished, will they be self-hosting?
>> Are you self hosting? Looks like it to me!
>Um. Sure.  This is exactly what I was talking about.  Your reply makes no
>sense.  Even if I twist it around in some bizarre metaphysical way so that
>it seems like a real question, I still don't see how it relates to what I
>self-hosting: the ability to rebuild a tool using that tool, e.g. a C
>compiler written in C being able to recompile itself.  Very common.  
>If your 9 commands were self-hosting, they could be reimplemented using
>only the 9 commands.
>If a person were self-hosting it would mean...?

They could be re-created using other people?

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